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Stainless Steel Wire

We specialise in the supply and processing of stainless steel wire. Our wire is of the highest quality produced to a wide range of diameters and tensile strengths to suit customer applications.

Stainless Steel, (SS) was discovered a hundred years ago. However commercial production was little advanced until the invention of the (AOD) Argon Oxygen Decarburization process. The low carbon levels needed to produce SS could not be achieved without preferential oxidation of the chromium. The AOD process enabled the reduction of carbon while minimizing the loss of chromium by utilizing a blend of argon and oxygen gas blown into the molten bath of metal.

Ubiquitous in everyday life, SS is found in many different forms – cookware, utensils, cutlery, jewelry, appliances, medical tubing and needles, building, and architectural materials – due to its myriad of desirable properties. The Gateway Arch in St. Louis is made of Type 304 SS. Stainless steel is corrosion resistant, fire and heat resistant, hygienic, aesthetic, easy to fabricate, has a high impact resistance, and is recyclable. It also has a high strength to weight ratio.

Although a kitchen whisk may be the first SS wire use that comes to mind, other uses such as fasteners, wire mesh belts, braided hoses, welding wire, and springs represent much larger commercial applications. California Fine Wire supplies SS wire to all of its major markets for applications ranging from medical probes to aerospace lock wire, electronic components, and specialty springs.

Stainless steels have excellent ductility and can be supplied by California Fine Wire in ribbon and round forms. Round diameters can be drawn as small as 0.0003” and ribbons from as small as 0.001” x 0.005” to as large as 0.010” x 0.050”. Call us to discover our capability to meet your specific wire needs.

Stainless steel wire can be readily plated with such metals as copper, gold, nickel, silver or tin; and insulated with any of the enamel, ceramic, or PTFE insulating materials offered by California Fine Wire. Whether your application requires the strength, stiffness, corrosion resistance, or hygienic properties of stainless steel, let California Fine Wire supply your next fine wire order.

We can also produce unique sizes, grades or tensile strengths to order. We work closely with our customers so that material can be available for immediate delivery. This means our customers’ are able to reduce their own inventory levels, saving money and space.


Our wire is used in a wide range of industries and applications, some of the key ones are construction, spring manufacture, wire forming, cold heading, medical instruments, automotive and archi­tec­tural.

Specific types of wire supplied see below:

  • Tying wire.
  • Cold heading wire.
  • Architectural wire.
  • Welding wire.
  • Shaped Wire.


Our standard stock range of wire diameters varies from 0.1mm up to 8.00mm diameter, above that we also have stocks in cut lengths, we can supply up to 25mm dia in coil form.

Typical Chemistry Listed

Stainless Steel Wire 304V

ASTM A313, UNS S30400

This austenitic stainless steel wire is vacuum arc re-melted for a more uniform chemistry and typically used in medical appliances.

  • Carbon: 0.08
  • Manganese: 2.00
  • Sulphur: 0.030
  • Silicon: 1.00
  • Chromium: 18.0-20.0
  • Nickel: 8.0-10.5
  • Molybdenum –
  • Nitrogen: 0.10
  • Iron Balance 

Physical Properties

  • Density 0.289 lbs/in³
  • Electrical Resistivity 27.4 microhm-in (at 68F)
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength (annealed condition) 80-100 KSI


End uses include springs, guide wires, needles, and catheter wires.

Stainless Steel Wire 316L

ASTM F138, UNS S31603

This austenitic stainless steel wire adds Molybdenum for superior corrosion resistance and is used for permanent surgical implants.

  • Carbon: 0.030
  • Manganese: 2.0
  • Phosphorus: 0.025
  • Sulphur: 0.01
  • Silicon: 0.75
  • Chromium: 17.0-19.0
  • Nickel: 13.0-15.5
  • Molybdenum: 2.0-3.0
  • Nitrogen: 0.10
  • Iron Balance

Physical Properties

  • Density 0.289 lbs/in³
  • Ultimate Tensile Strength 100-145 KSI


End uses include bone pins, skin closure staples, catheter wires